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Most of us feel what rocket science is in applying perfume. Yet, it is one of the easiest things and merely takes a second. So, what is the urge to apply Perfume for Long-Lasting Fragrance, but what will we share with you to change your perception of applying it? How you apply, where you apply and where you store that beautiful bottle tells a lot of the longevity of the perfume. One might feel that keeping a bottle on the dressing table is the safest place for it but let me tell you, it is not. …

Private Equity Law- an Overview

Private equity is an investment of capital that is not listed on the stock market. It is an aggregation of funds and investors that invest in public companies or participate in buyouts of public companies.

To decrease the chances of financial fraud, SEBI notified the Alternative Investment Funds Regulation, 2012. In private equity, the law created a uniform structure for governing the private pool of funds and investment to better channel funds. …

A Quick Guide on Stock Trading for Beginners!

A penny saved is a penny earned! Likewise a penny invested is a penny doubled! Yes, investing can double your savings if it is invested in the right path. It is not a child’s play for an individual to invest and trade stocks. “How to invest in the share market?” is definitely a basic question that ponders in the mind of beginners. Also, when it comes to stock trading for beginners, both practical and theoretical knowledge of it is inevitable. …

A Guide to Invest in The Best Stocks!

Most of us spend more money than we earn and saving for a rainy day is too difficult for all of us. So when we look in for some extra income to manage the unexpected expenses, many of us come up with the idea of stock trading. Stock trading is possible even with the little leisure time we get, but we should be wise enough to invest in the share market.

What is investment?

It denotes the asset that we get or the money that we invest from our income in order…

Lighting is crucial to any space. It has the ability to make small spaces look big. However, bad lighting can do the inverse; too-large spaces might look cramped. Hence, it is really important to find the right Residential Lighting Consultant. In this article, we will tell you why lighting is important and how you can choose the right kind of lighting for your home.

Lighting Consultant

Why is Lighting Important

Lighting is important for the functionality of any space. Bad lighting can render a greatly built space useless as people will not be able to do their tasks. In particular, task lights…

The impact of lighting in indoor decor is not unknown. Lighting has the ability to transform the mood and even the size of any space. Studies across the world demonstrate the effectiveness of lighting on aesthetics, comfort and even the effectiveness of lighting on the inhabitants’ health and performance. Hence, it is really important to receive quality lighting consultation while setting up any space- residential or commercial.

How to Identify the Right Lighting Setup

There are a few simple tips that one can follow to ensure that the lighting of their space is beneficial. These suggestions are based on the…

If you are a revenue-generating company taking your business ventures to the next stage requires active capital procurement. Most companies still rely on a conventional medium like banking to have access to secure funding. However, this flawed pattern of tinking can land a business owner in significant trouble if it is desperate to acquire funds to complete a project.

The private equity law India is set up and registered under the SEBI AIF Regulations 2012. With the help of private equity law firms, your company can legally seek financing to meet the fund requirements.

Let’s assess the role of a…

The relationship between a borrower and a lender through the means of the contract is governed by banking and finance law. Interests and negotiations of both the parties are maintained commercially and lawfully by these laws regarding all financial transactions. Federal and state laws also control such laws. While forming a new business, many people require legal aid from notable bank attorneys to guide them through contracts, rules, and investment regulations.

Tax regulations, laws related to financial institutions, banks, and other security transactions are governed by banking and finance law.

The intellectual property law or the IP law exists in different countries to protect anything created or coined by human intellect. This law ensures that nobody can either copy or use things like any patented document, trademarks, GI or design, etc. In India, there are multiple acts that safeguards the intellectual property of people. Here are the details:

Details about the Intellectual property Laws in India

Multiple acts fall under the IP laws in India. The Government of India has signed the TRIPS/WTO Agreement to ensure that it maintains international standards. Here are some areas of intellectual property that are covered in the law:

● Any commercial name…

A law firm may have many talented young lawyers, but the ability to solve a case practically is entirely different from scoring well in law exams. Talent is essential, but that experience and a good reputation are also important things to consider while looking for top corporate law firms in India. The corporate law firms in Mumbai tend to have the best lawyers with practical experience in litigation. Let’s look into the five most important qualities that lawyers of top corporate law firms must possess.

Quality Of Drafting

Drafting agreements, petitions, emails, opinions, and even memos are a crucial part of any legal…

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