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Intellectual Property Law: What It Is

The intellectual property law or the IP law exists in different countries to protect anything created or coined by human intellect. This law ensures that nobody can either copy or use things like any patented document, trademarks, GI or design, etc. In India, there are multiple acts that safeguards the intellectual property of people. Here are the details:

Details about the Intellectual property Laws in India

● Any commercial name of an organization

● Trademarks, service marks, or company badges

● Unique designs related to industries

● Scientific work, models formulas, and documents

● Phonograms and broadcast clips

The Acts that make the Intellectual Property Law

The Patents Act, 1970

The Designs Act, 2000

Here are some aspects covered by the Designs Act,2000

● Identification and provisions to designs that are non-registrable

● Proper classification registrable design

● Cancellation of a design with a flaw in the Districts

The Copyright Act, 1957

The Plant Breeder’s Right Act, 2001

Final Words